Tips And Tricks To Crack Bank Exam

Posted on January 5th, 2016

Tags: Bank PO Exam MCQ

To crack Bank PO Exam:

1.Develop a good speed (Please remember this exam is not difficult but what matters is who can solve more questions in given time.)

2.Attempt questions with negative marking if you are more than 50% sure of answer

3.Don't get stuck anywhere. Develop a habit of jumping between questions. Idea is to solve easy questions first to maximise your attempt.

4.Having good command over English helps. Students who are at par with others in Reasoning & QA stand out because of English.

5.After you have done preparation, it is practice which matters. Remeber practice lets you increase your speed which is the key to crack this exam. 

6.Most important thing in QA is to learn short cut methods. Try to develop your own short cut methods.

7.In Reasoning exam there is not much change from year to year. Once you have mastered different sub topics, you will not have any surprises in the exam.

8.Bank Exam is more of a speed test and you attain speed with practice. 


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