The Program Has Never Been Better. The Price Has Never Been Lower.

Posted on July 31st, 2015

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Fifteen years of Calvert. Fifteen years of shared experiences. These years of watching the Calvert formula work its success in six very different children. I guess you could say we have grown up with Calvert. Perhaps it is better to say that we have grown up well-educated becauseof Calvert.

In all of our years as a Calvert family, I have never seen the Calvert Team more ardently embrace encouraging new families to try the “Calvert Way”. My four Calvert grads are testimony to the fact that Virgil Hillyer was absolutely right in his philosophy of “educating the whole child”. As adults, they are well-educated, contributing members of society, who laid that foundation in their Calvert years.

The Calvert staff wants to make a positive change for academics by providing a wonderful discount for you to begin your Calvert experience. I encourage you to take advantage ofCalvert’s 10% Off Sale right away. Use code ATN11.


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