Difference Between Bank PO & Clerk

Posted on December 28th, 2015


Difference between Bank PO and Clerk

Clerk Definition , Work , Exam pattern, Salary

Clerk :-  A clerk is an employee who conducts general office tasks. Clerk is always present in all the departments. The responsibilities of the clerk are to maintain the records filing, staffing service counters, screening specialists, and other regulatory tasks. To get appointed as a clerk in any organisation one has to clear the levels of the clerical grade exam. There is a proper exam of vacancies of clerk in bank known as clerical cadre. The least required age to apply for clerk exam is 18 and the maximum is 30 and the Xth passed candidates can also apply for the clerk level.

The clerk enjoys the facilities provided b the government pensions after the retirement,job security,allowances,low interest loans and has the great opportunity to learn the work under his/her seniors. This is the most easiest job and secured job especially fr girls. He is trained on the job and gets the opportunity of long lasting learning in Banking, Finance, Management and other areas of his choice. The clerk can be appointed anywhere all over the India depending on the transfer in his/her job.


Pattern of Clerical Grade Exam:- The Clerical exam is held in 3 phases.

  • Preliminary exam :- which includes three parts or subjects reasoning consisting of 35 questions of 35 marks each,quantitative aptitude of 35 questions of 35 marks each and English language paper of 30 questions of 30 marks each overall paper of 100 marks of 1 hour consisting of negative marking of .25 marks per question. If this exam is cleared the student qualifies for the main exam.
  • Main exam :- which includes questions relating of subjects Reasoning , Numerical abilityEnglish languageGeneral Knowledge and computer knowledge each subject comprising of 40 marks in total 200 marks paper including negative marking of .25 of 2 hours. If this exam is also cleared the student follow ups to the final round which is of Interview.
  • Personal Interview:- in which interview in taken by the committee and the student has to give answer accordingly to the knowledge,common sense etc.
    If all the phases are cleared the person is appointed as a clerk in the bank and given a salary of Rs. 4410-13210 per month with all the facilities of the government.
  • PO Definition , Work , Exam pattern, Salary


    PO :- The word PO stands for “probationary officer” in the banks and is the higher grade than clerk. A P.O. starts as a trainee officer in the Junior Management Grade Service (JMGS) of the bank and can rise to the highest grades of the bank in his vocation turning into a General Manager, a Director or even the Chairman of the Bank. The salary for the PO at different level are at
    • Junior Management Grade – Rs .10, 000 – Rs. 18,240
    • Middle Management Grade – Rs. 13,820 – Rs. 19,920
    • Middle Management Grade – Rs. 18,240 – Rs. 22,280
    • Senior Management Grade – Rs. 20,480- Rs. 24140
    • Top Executive Grade – Rs. 26,620 – Rs. 29,340

    The Probationary Officer’s job is similar to a Manager Trainee position. For a PO the principle qualities prerequisite are decision-making skills, leadership qualities and intelligence to tackle different situations. The work done by the PO is the managerial work not the work done by clerk. P.O is appointed at a 2 years training probation period as an assistant manager in the bank and handles the work of handling cash,payments,reports,brings business to the bank etc.

  • The P.O can be appointed anywhere all over the India depending on the transfer in his/her job. The pattern of the P.O exam remains the same as of clerical exam but the syllabus changes that is addition of some topics at higher level are included in the syllabus like probability,data in interpretation,charts,permutation and combination which are not included in the clerical level. The selection is done on the basis of clearing the pre,mains and the final interview. After selection the candidate is appointed in any of the bank chosen by the ibps and the probation period or started from the date of joining


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