Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view the solutions to the test questions too ?

Yes , questions to most of the tests are available. However, for some tests you might be required to be a premium member to view the solutions.

Why do I need to login to the Website ?

You need to create a record to view tests appeared, previous reports and progress and for paid tests your payment records and purchases and validity. When you register with us, you can be assured that you won't receive spam mails from our side, only content for which you have registered.

Does the site offer paid tests too ?

Currently all tests are free to let users gauge the quality of our tests , our working mechanism and to let users have a feel of the website. However , paid tests shall be added soon but free tests will still be the backbone of the Website.

What are the benefits of registering with ?

By registering, you get access to all free test packages, promotional e-mails and SMS, exam tips, exam schedules and above all, you join the CG's forum for sharing your thoughts on various topics shared by other users all over the country like you.

Can I retake a free test ?

No, you cannot retake a free test.

If I find a mistake in any question, how can I report ?

Although we take utmost care in uploading data , yet some errors may creep in. You have an option with every question to report problem at the test page and on the report page.

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